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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Protect Your Family From Probate Court

Though planning your estate may feel macabre, its importance cannot be overstated. By having an estate plan in place, you are protecting your family from the stress of having to settle your estate in probate court, as well as ensuring that they will receive the maximum assets possible rather than having a large portion go to taxes. You are also giving yourself peace of mind by knowing that your children will have a guardian in the event of your death, and your affairs are in order.

Personalizing Your Estate Plan To Your Needs

At Gonzalez Law, PLLC, we have helped many clients establish an estate plan that is individualized and designed to meet their needs exactly, whether that means a will or a trust. We take things into account like:

  • Children. If you have children who are minors, you will want to decide their guardian.
  • Real estate assets. Depending on whether you have a mortgage or own your house or other property outright, there will be implications reflected in your estate plan.
  • Health needs.If you should ever become incapacitated, whether temporarily or long term, you will want a living will and medical power of attorney in place, among other documents, so that you can be certain your wishes are respected.
  • Your partner. Marriage alone does not automatically guarantee the distribution of your estate to your spouse. Children from outside the marriage, common law marriage or even no marriage between the partners can cause significant issues. Making your wishes clear by executing a customized plan for each individual is the only way to guarantee how your estate will be distributed, and protect your loved ones from difficulty.

No matter your situation, we are prepared to craft an estate plan that fits your needs exactly. Our founding lawyer, Joe Gonzalez, has experience in probate law, real estate law, as well as business transaction law. He is also a certified public accountant. This experience means that he can help you with any implications that may arise from your plan.

It Is Never Too Early To Plan Your Estate

Sometimes, people think that if they are young, they do not need an estate plan. This is not true. It is never too early to protect your family from probate. In order to get started on your estate plan, call our Fort Worth office at 817-349-7730. Or, reach out through our online contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

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The First Step: Call Today
It is never too late to get help on your estate plan. To discuss your situation with a seasoned estate planning attorney, call our Fort Worth office at 817-349-7730. Or, reach out through our online contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.
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