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As people get older, they may begin to experience a variety of concerns that did not affect them at earlier stages of their lives. Even though a person may have saved money for their retirement, they will want to make sure their savings are used properly, including in situations where they may need to receive care from a nursing home, assisted living facility, home health aid, or other providers. They will also want to take steps to ensure that they receive the proper medical treatment and other forms of care, especially if they ever become ill or disabled to the point where they cannot communicate their wishes to others. These issues may be addressed during the estate planning process, and a lawyer who has experience in the field of elder law can advise a person and their family on the options that are available and the methods they can use to protect themselves.

At Gonzalez Law, PLLC, we understand the unique issues that affect elderly people, and we are dedicated to helping families address these matters as they prepare for the future. We believe in doing everything we can to provide our clients with peace of mind, and we will work to ensure that those who are approaching their twilight years will be able to live comfortably and avoid difficulties for themselves and their loved ones.

Addressing Elder Law Matters During the Estate Planning Process

In many cases, a family's estate plan will be focused on what will happen after a person's death. While this may be an important issue that elderly people will want to address, they should also consider how matters related to their estate will be handled while they are still alive. During the estate planning process, a person can make sure they will have the resources they need to support themselves, and they can also make decisions about the types of care they will receive. By documenting these decisions, communicating their wishes to their loved ones, and providing someone else with the authority to make decisions for them in certain cases, a person and their family can avoid uncertainty and be prepared for whatever may happen during the rest of their life.

Elder law issues that may be addressed in an estate plan include:

  • Long-term care - The costs of care in a nursing home or through other providers can be significant. A person will want to determine what forms of public aid may be available to address these expenses, and they may also take steps to set aside certain assets that they can use to meet their needs. In many cases, trusts provide a good option for ensuring that assets will be used correctly, and they can not only provide a person with the necessary resources, but they can ensure that their remaining assets will be passed to their loved ones after their death.
  • Delegation of authority to loved ones - If a person expects that they may encounter situations where they may not fully be able to care for themselves, they may take steps to provide a family member with the authority to make decisions on their behalf. In some cases, it may be necessary to establish legal guardianship, or powers of attorney may be used to give a loved one the ability to make decisions about a person's financial matters or medical care.
  • Medical directives - A family may struggle to make the right choices regarding a person's end-of-life medical care, especially if they are uncertain about what their loved one would have wanted. To avoid these issues, directives such as a living will, declaration for mental health treatment, or do-not-resuscitate order can detail the types of treatment a person does or does not want to receive in certain situations. Including these ancillary documents in an estate plan can ensure that a person's wishes will be followed correctly.

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