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There are multiple types of business contracts that may affect a company, including partnership agreements, vendor contracts, licensing agreements, and employment contracts. These agreements can be crucial for protecting a business's interests, and both parties to a contract are legally obligated to carry out the terms of the agreement. Unfortunately, there are some situations where one party may fail to fulfill their obligations, and this may cause the other party to experience financial losses. In cases where a person or company is accused of committing a breach of contract, the other party may pursue litigation in court to address this issue.

For businesses that need to address a breach of contract by another party or for those who are accused of violating a contractual agreement, it is important to have representation from an attorney who has experience with these issues. At Gonzalez Law, PLLC, we understand the laws that affect business contracts, and we are experienced in helping our clients resolve contract-related disputes. We can work to negotiate settlements or find other ways to resolve disputes involving alleged contract breaches, and if necessary, we are prepared to provide representation in court during contract litigation. We will fight to protect our clients' rights and interests and help them reach a positive outcome to breach of contract disputes.

Options for Addressing Contract Disputes

There are multiple ways that a party to a contract may violate the terms of the agreement. Some contract disputes involve what is known as a "minor breach," which may involve a failure to meet some of the terms. For example, a company that is supposed to perform a job as defined in a service contract may fail to fully complete the work by a specified date, but while the completion of the project may be delayed, the other party will still receive benefits from the work the breaching party had already completed. However, more serious breach of contract cases will usually involve a "material breach," or a violation that is severe enough to defeat the purpose of the contract. An example of a material breach may include a complete failure to pay for goods or services that were received.

When one party to a contract believes that the other party has committed a breach, they may pursue litigation against the breaching party. In these cases, the plaintiff will usually need to provide evidence showing that they have suffered quantifiable damages due to the other party's breach of contract. These may include financial losses directly related to the breach, as well as indirect losses that arose out of the other party's failure to fulfill the contract's terms. An example of indirect losses may include a loss of business that occurred because a company did not receive goods it had purchased by the date specified in a purchase contract, making them unable to begin work on a project for a potential client.

During contract litigation, a plaintiff may seek multiple remedies, including:

  • Compensatory damages - The defendant may be required to reimburse the plaintiff for all losses experienced due to the breach of contract.
  • Punitive damages - If the defendant allegedly violated the contract wilfully out of an attempt to cause harm to the plaintiff, or if they committed fraud or otherwise violated the law, they may be required to pay damages to the plaintiff as a punishment.
  • Liquidated damages - The terms of a contract may state the amount that one party will pay to the other in the case of a breach of contract, and a court may uphold these terms and order that the damages be paid.
  • Specific performance - The defendant may be required to uphold the terms of the contract and fulfill any requirements that they had failed to meet.

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