Untitled---2023-09-11T143519.113.jpgAs our parents or grandparents age, something that may keep them up at night could be who will take care of them if they are unable to do it themselves or the uncertainty of what will happen to their property and assets if they pass away. Estate planning is necessary but there is no reason to spend restless nights thinking about this. A Texas attorney who focuses on the preparation leading up to death and can help you stay ahead of those critical decisions so you can leave a legacy and ensure you understand elder law to safeguard your care.


What is Estate Planning?

By planning ahead you can ensure that your property goes to the right beneficiaries and that you receive the care you deserve later in life. Estate planning is not just for wealthy people. It is for anyone who wants to make sure their assets are given to whom they choose. For elderly individuals, it is a way to leave a legacy for their loved ones or their favorite charities.


Untitled---2023-08-10T100503.833.jpgIn estate planning, a power of attorney is a powerful legal tool that allows a person the option of appointing someone, known as an agent or attorney-in-fact, to make important decisions on their behalf. A durable power of attorney not only grants broad decision-making authority to the agent but also remains in effect even if the principal individual is in some way no longer able to look after their own interests. Today, we will examine what it truly means when a power of attorney is considered durable.

Continuity in Decision-Making

A power of attorney is a document that allows another individual to serve as a representative in specified matters. Depending on the principal’s intentions, it can encompass various areas, such as financial, healthcare, or legal matters. The durability aspect of a power of attorney becomes crucial when the principal loses mental or physical capacity due to illness, injury, or old age. Designating a durable power of attorney ensures a seamless transfer of decision-making authority to the agent without the need for court intervention. This can be immensely helpful in managing financial affairs, accessing medical records, and executing legal transactions on behalf of the principal, even when they are unable to do so themselves.

Extension of Authority 

When a power of attorney is designated as durable, the agent possesses the authority to act on the principal’s behalf in almost any situation allowed by law. This broad scope of power requires a high level of trust between the principal and the chosen agent. Therefore, it is essential to carefully select a responsible and reliable individual who will act in the principal’s best interest.


Untitled-61.jpgAs individuals age, planning for their future, including their medical care and overall well-being, becomes increasingly important. Elder law and medical directives play a critical role in ensuring that the wishes and interests of seniors are protected. Understanding the key factors and important aspects of these areas of law can help individuals and their families navigate the complexities of aging and healthcare decisions effectively. For matters related to elder law, contact an estate planning attorney to ensure you have a firm understanding of your rights at this time. 

What is Elder Law?

This area of law focuses on legal issues specific to the elderly population, encompassing various areas such as estate planning, Medicare and Medicaid, and more. It addresses concerns related to asset protection, healthcare arrangements, and end-of-life planning.

Importance of Medical Directives 

Medical directives, also known as advanced healthcare directives, provide clear instructions regarding medical decisions and treatments in the event that individuals cannot voice their preferences. They ensure that choices for care align with personal beliefs and values. Medical directives typically include a living will, a healthcare power of attorney, and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders. 


Fort Worth, TX Will and Trust AttorneysEstate planning involves complex terminology and legal procedures. Trusts and wills are important for distributing assets after death. Though both serve the same purpose, trusts offer more advantages, especially under Texas law.

Trusts vs. Wills

A will is a legal document instructing how your property should be distributed after death. An executor is responsible for submitting it to the probate court. On the other hand, a trust is a legal entity that holds your property and distributes it according to your instructions. Trusts can be made either during your lifetime (living) or by a provision in your will (testamentary) and managed by a trustee.

Why Trusts Outshine Wills

There are several reasons why trusts often prove to be more beneficial than wills:


Fort Worth, TX Lawyers Helping with Estate PlansThinking about our own mortality is understandably something most of us would rather avoid. However, one of the best ways you can lessen the burden of your passing on your loved ones is to prepare them for it. This can involve having conversations about long-term care, end-of-life planning, estate plans, and your final wishes.

Help Your Loved Ones By Being Organized

Having important documents organized and in one place (such as a will, medical directives, and insurance policies) can make the process of settling your affairs much easier. You can also help your loved ones by writing down a list of important contacts for them to have on hand in case of an emergency. This can include your attorney, financial or tax advisors, insurance agents, and healthcare providers.

Be Open & Honest About Your Wishes

It’s important to be open and honest with your loved ones about your wishes for end-of-life care. Not only will this help make the process easier for them, but it will also provide them with a greater understanding of your wishes and values. Discussing things like funeral arrangements, memorial services, and other matters of personal preference can help provide closure for your loved ones.



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